Our Philosophy


When we founded Bone Idol in 2016, we had some clear principles that we wanted to achieve across the business. As we wrote them down it became clear there was a core value that stood out and informed every decision. And that is how Healthy, Happy and Fabulous became our mantra.

We use this guiding principle to inform all our decisions.

Healthy This always comes first, from grooming practices, choosing products or launching our own food. It’s simple really, your pet’s health will always come first.

Happy We always want your dog, and you, to be happy. With this in mind, we go out of our way to make every visit to the shop, parlour and website as positive as possible.

Fabulous If we can make it Fabulous, we will. Fabulous grooming from bespoke grooming styles like Asian Fusion and show cuts. Fabulous food with Bone Idol grain free dog food. Fabulous 100% natural treats in our shop. Fabulous collars and leads including bespoke and ‘made in Brighton’ fashion ranges. Fabulous dogs, Fabulous you!

We have also made some commitments to best practice and we are proud to share them here with you. 

  • We will always listen to you, our customers.
  • We really care and will do all we can always to be helpful and honest, always.
  • We want to share our knowledge, expertise and experience with our customers and with each other.  
  • We pride ourselves on service with a smile.  
  • We work hard to make Bone Idol a fun place to visit where everyone feels welcome online or in-store.
  • We are proud of what we have created and our place in the community in Brighton and online.