About Our Dog Grooming Parlour

The Equipment 

In 2016 we refitted the shop and designed a brand new grooming parlour with your dog’s safety and wellbeing in mind.

We have two separate step in stainless steel baths for the dogs. They have high backs and sliding doors with steps to make access easier and safer.

Adjustable nonslip floors help to make them perfect for every breed and every size of dog.

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Our parlour is fitted with the newest and best quality equipment, including the quietest clippers, four fully adjustable hydraulic tables with nonslip mats and a UV steriliser.

We only use HOWND shampoo and conditioners. These are all free from harsh chemicals such as alcohol, parabens, soap and dyes. HOWND pet care products are Leaping Bunny certified by Cruelty Free International, and endorsed by The Ethical Company Organisation and Nature Watch Foundation.

We abide by best practice guidelines at all times.

Our qualified and experienced staff are here to help and answer any questions you may have. Each member of staff takes great care of every pet that comes into Bone Idol and will spend time with you trying to understand exactly what you want and to ensure we can deliver.


We get asked a lot why we have a window into our grooming parlour. It’s there to show you we have nothing to hide. We are proud of how we look after all the dogs that come in and want you to be able to see that too. 

Things we don't do

Sometimes what you don't do says more about you than what you do.  We want every dog that visits to look fabulous when it leaves but we will always prioritise health and happiness.  With that in mind we will:

  • Never use any equipment without it being sterilised first

  • Never hand-strip a dog before the coat is ready (when it has "blown"). Feel free to bring your dog in for a free consultation and we can check its coat for you.

  • Never attempt to de-tangle a severely matted dog where to do so will cause pain and distress (we will happily clip out tangled fur)

  • Never use "unnatural" products like colours, nail varnish or finishing sprays and fragrances that interfere with a dog's natural behaviour when it leaves our shop

  • Never forget that your dog is part of your family and deserves as much care and respect as our own dogs