Brighton Dog Grooming

At Bone Idol your dog always comes first and we strive to ensure that all our customers are always delighted with their dog’s groom. We always use our Healthy, Happy & Fabulous philosophy when working with dogs at Bone Idol.

Is the dog healthy? Is the dog happy? Then we can make them Fabulous!

We also have nothing to hide so have a window into our parlour and will always publish our our prices for everyone to see.

Call us on 01273695631 to talk to our amazing team of dog groomers.

Dog Grooming - Bath & Brush

A bath and brush at Bone Idol includes:

  • Bath and blow dry

  • Trim around the eyes and fringe

  • Trim around the pads and feet

  • Hygiene clip

Dog Grooming - Full Treatment

Our most popular type of groom. A full treatment groom at Bone idol includes:

  • Bath and blow dry

  • The coat on the body cut to one length with clippers

  • Anal gland expression if needed

  • Hygiene clip

  • Nails trimmed where needed

  • Eyes and ears cleaned

Bespoke Dog Grooming or Custom Cut

This type of groom includes a specialist or bespoke designer cut. Examples of this type of styling would include a Teddy Bear or Donkey Cut. These types of cut involve highly skilled hand scissor work and so are more time consuming.

This type of cut is additional to the Full Treatment and is charged at £15 per half hour.

Dog Grooming - Hand Stripping

Hand stripping is a type of grooming method used to remove excess hair from a dog’s coat.

The most common method of dog grooming is clipping using a pair of electric clippers which cut or shave the top layer of hair from a dog’s coat. Hand-stripping is different because it is done just with hands and it removes the dog’s coat from the root.

Because this is so time consuming and intensive it is the Bone Idol policy to always have two groomers to hand strip one dog, this is kinder and quicker for both dog and groomer.

We only book in dogs for a hand strip that have seen by one of our groomers first, we do this to ensure it is the right option for your dog. Price will be discussed once a groomer has assessed your dog. Price on request.

Bone Idol Training Academy - New in 2020

Bone Idol are proud to announce that 2020 will see the launch of the new Bone Idol Training Academy.


Bone Idol is a Training Provider Centre in it's own right, overseen by Ofqual. From May 2020 we will be offering a Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming & Salon Management.


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