• Since changing to Bone Idol's food my older dog (aged 5) has finally stopped her constant itching. Despite trying numerous other varieties of recommended dog food, nothing worked. With Bone Idol's food the scratching has finally stopped and she seems so much happier in general. I can't recommend this food highly enough!
    - Debbie - Google Review
  • I have bought Bone Idol food for over two years for my labradoodle Miguel. Miguel loves the flavour and clears his plate at every meal time. The staff in the shop have been superb and are very knowledgeable which is another reason why I have returned ever since. I have recently moved to the west country so am delighted Bone Idol are now selling online as it means I can keep buying. When I visit Brighton I will coincide with a groom for Miguel as the team have made him look stunning on every occasion and I regularly get stopped in the street to ask where I have had him groomed.
    - Ros - Google Review
  • We visited when we were on holiday to Brighton and the advice and help we received was amazing. Our dog has been very poorly recently and we’ve struggled with food that doesn’t upset her tummy. We were given some taster packs and after a few days we ordered a big bag of the salmon food.
  • The pet food is made from healthy ingredients unlike other top branded foods in the supermarket.
    - Jacqui - Facebook Review
  • I remember noticing a new shop on St James street years ago as the name and the branding stuck with me. I got a puppy a few weeks ago for my anniversary and remembered Bone idol !! Such a brilliant name! Anyway my partner and I though we need a harness and then realised when we got there that it was more than just a pet store but a very thought out vision of what I think a proper pet shop be. We ended up getting samples of Grain free food ,.. Our puppy could not keep a kibble in his dish for 30 seconds
    - Al - Facebook Review



What is Crude Ash and why is it in my dogs dinner?

Crude Ash is a technical measurement of the inorganic matter i.e the mineral content within the diet. The mineral content is mostly natural and is derived from the raw materials.

What's in your dog food?

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Proud to be in Visa’s Christmas advertising

Bone Idol was chosen by VISA to be a part of their 2019 Christmas campaign features real independent shopkeepers to inspire the nation to visit their local high street and shop locally for the campaign #WhereYouShopMatters